Cleaner schools for a better future!, the fundraising campaign – Launched

Rotary E-Club of Moldova international launched the fundraising campaign for their project “Cleaner schools for a better future!”. 

In the context of our Club’s mission, we proposed ourselves a project that will improve the sanitary conditions in several rural schools. Most schools in rural areas in the Republic of Moldova don’t have facilities satisfying essential water, sanitation, and hygiene standards1. Schools usually have only cesspit toilets located away from the school building, which frequently are in bad conditions, without cabins or separators for privacy, without electricity or heating in winter, with no handwashing facilities, poorly maintained, and rarely cleaned.

The project “Hygiene is important – Schools are progressing!” is designed for schools in rural areas, which will undergo a transparent, competitive process and the number of these schools depends on the total available budget of the project. Renovation/construction of new toilets will be done according to the WHO recommendations and guidelines on water, sanitation, and hygiene.

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