Rotary began in Chicago over 100 years ago, when a lawyer, Paul Harris, arranged a meeting with a small group of businessmen who were seeking friendship and business integrity in a corrupt and violent city. The name of the organization came from the fact that meetings were rotated between the offices of each member. As of today, we have over 1.2 million members who come together to network, campaign for causes and raise funds, which support both local community projects and huge worldwide campaigns. In District 2241, Romania-Republic of Moldova, Rotary has over 145 clubs consisting of more than 3500 members. The Rotary e-club exists to attract a new generation of Rotarians, who wish to support vital charity projects, make new friends and business connections, and raise their profile. In doing so, we’re not asking you to commit to attending endless meetings; you can spend as little or as much time as you can afford in making your personal contribution to society. Please feel free to find out more about our work and how you can join our Rotary e-club.

Impact starts with our members — people like you who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
In communities across the globe, our people of action come together to strengthen their connections to friends and neighbors and their commitment to improving lives.
Your time, energy, and a passion to improve your world are all you need to get involved with Rotary.
Become one of Rotary’s people of action or explore the many opportunities we have for anyone — whatever your age or interest — who wants to improve lives in communities near and far.

    Rotaract Club of Moldova Internation is an organisation for young men and women between 18-30 years, located not only in Moldova but everywhere in the world.
    Rotaract membership provides members with the opportunity to meet new people, expand social life,
    try new activities, raise money for solving community problems, make a difference in the local and international community, develop personal skills and gain new lifelong experiences.

      Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your community or communities around the world? There’s a project happening that needs you.
      We use our knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply our expertise and diverse perspectives to find a solution. Rotary members likely are working in your community right now to feed the hungry, tutor disadvantaged children, maintain parks and playgrounds, and much more. You can help.

        When you partner with Rotary, our 1.2 million members amplify your impact, elevate your brand, advance important causes, improve communities, and gain access to global connections.
        We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration.
        Our Rotary Business Partners provides a business with the opportunity to gain publicity through an association with the Rotary movement and the chance to join other like-minded people to make a significant difference to our local community. Why not join today?