World Heart Day was first celebrated in 2000, with the aim of informing people around the world about the leading cause of death, namely: cardiovascular disease. In Romania, the event is organized by the Romanian Heart Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

The Promenade of Hearts is a program initiated by the Irish Heart Foundation and already implemented in over 10 European countries with success among Moldovans. In Romania, the program was launched in 2013 in recent years, involving thousands of people in the fight against cardiovascular disease. Rotary clubs from several cities together with the Romanian Society of Cardiology and the Romanian Heart Foundation, relaunch the Campaign entitled “Promenade of Hearts 2020” on the occasion of World Heart Week, under the slogan “Everything for Your Heart”!

The Rotary Club is relaunching the “Promenade of Hearts” campaign in 2020, being a project dedicated to arranging a route accessible for daily walks, reminding everyone that daily physical activity is the best way to maintain health, including the health of our hearts!

The Rotary E-Club of Moldova International will join this initiative of the Rotary network.